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UK Sea Fishing FAQ full contents page - gives an overview of what is included in the UK Sea Fishing FAQ

UK Sea Fishing FAQ Contents

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


UK Sea Fishing FAQ Contents


1. Contents        N : New Entry    + : Updated Entry   ? : No Info yet
  2. Copyright and Disclaimer
+ 3. U.K Sea Angling And The Law
  4. U.K. Sea Fish
  5. Baits
  6. Techniques
+ 7. Tackle
+ 8. Organisations & Clubs
+ 9. U.K. Sea Angling Publications & Software

   2. Copyright and Disclaimer
     2.1 Copyright
     2.2 Disclaimer
 +   2.3 What's New
     2.4 Help Needed!!!
     2.5 Contributors

   3. U.K Sea Angling And The Law
     3.1 Is a Rod Licence Required?
     3.2 Is there a closed season?
     3.3 Do Cod bans apply to anglers?
     3.4 Do minimum sizes apply to anglers?
     3.5 Is a licence required to dig bait?
     3.6 Are there any restrictions on what fish you can catch?
     3.7 Where are the bass nursery areas?
 +   3.8 Charter Boat Regulations & Certificates of Compliance

   4. U.K. Sea Fish
     4.1 Species
       4.1.1 What is a mini species?
       4.2.2 Are there any poisonous fish in British waters?
       4.2.3 Are there any books to help identify sea fish?
     4.2 Record Lists & Specimen Weights
       4.2.1 British Records & Mini Records
       4.2.2 Welsh Records & Mini Records
       4.2.3 Scottish Records
       4.2.4 Irish Records & Specimen Weights
       4.2.5 NFSA Specimen Weights
     4.3 How do I claim a Record Fish?
       4.3.1 How To Claim a British Record
       4.3.2 How To Claim a Irish Record
       4.3.3 How To Claim a Scottish Record
       4.3.4 How To Claim a Welsh Record
       4.3.5 How To Claim a World Record
     4.4 Minimum Sizes
       4.4.1 NFSA Minimum Sizes
     4.5 Unusual Catches & Sightings
     4.6 Conservation
       4.6.1 Are There Any Tagging Schemes for UK Sea Fish?
       4.6.2 What Do Tags Look Like?
       4.6.3 What Should I Do If I Catch a Tagged Fish?

   5. Baits
     5.1 Is frozen bait any good?
     5.2 How do you keep soft baits like mussell on the hook when casting?

   6. Techniques
     6.1 Beach Techniques
       6.1.1 What is a paternoster?
       6.1.2 What are bait clips? Why use them?
       6.1.3 What is Double Patting?
       6.1.4 What is a Rotten-Bottom?
     6.2 Boat Techniques
       6.2.1 What is uptiding?
       6.2.2 What is a Flying Collar?
       6.2.3 What is Free-Lining?
     6.3 Casting
       6.3.1 Why use a shock leader?
       6.3.2 How do techniques like pendulumn casting get more power.
       6.3.3 How do you tune a multiplier for distance casting
       6.3.4 Why remove the top bar from a multiplier for distance casting?
       6.3.5 I have removed the top bar from my reel, but still cannot
             hold the spool securely whilst casting.
       6.3.6 UKSF Casting Records
     6.4 General Techniques
       6.4.1 Is night fishing better than daytime?
       6.4.2 Do luminous attractors work?
       6.4.3 How long can a bait be left in the water?

   7. Tackle
     7.1 Shore Tackle
       7.1.1 What sort of rod do I need for shore fishing?
       7.1.2 What sort of reel do you use for shore fishing?
     7.2 Boat Tackle
       7.2.1 What sort of rod do I need for boat fishing?
       7.2.2 What sort of reel do you use for boat fishing?
     7.3 General Tackle
       7.3.1 How do the numbers for hook sizes work?
       7.3.2 There are many hook patterns available, which do you recommend?
       7.3.3 Flourescent lines are very popular, does line colour matter?
 +   7.4 U.K. Tackle Manufacturers & Spare Parts Suppliers
     7.5 U.K. Tackle Shops On-Line

   8. Organisations
     8.1 Sea Angling Organisations
       8.1.1 Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society
       8.1.2 British Conger Club
       8.1.3 Central Fisheries Board (Ireland)
       8.1.4 European Federation of Sea Anglers
       8.1.5 International Game Fish Association (IGFA)
       8.1.6 Irish Federation of Sea Anglers
 N     8.1.7 Irish Federation of Sea Anglers - Ulster Provincial Council
       8.1.8 Irish Match Angling & Surf Angling Association
       8.1.8 Irish Sea Angling Accommodation and Charters
       8.1.10 National Association of Boat Angling Clubs
       8.1.11 National Federation of Charter Skippers
       8.1.12 National Federation of Sea Anglers
       8.1.13 National Mullet Club
       8.1.14 Northern Federation of Sea Angling Societies
       8.1.15 North West Association of Sea Angling Clubs
       8.1.16 Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers
       8.1.17 Sea Angler's Match Federation
       8.1.18 Shark Angling Club of Great Britain
       8.1.19 South West Federation of Sea Anglers
       8.1.20 Sportfishing Club of the British Isles
       8.1.21 United Kingdom Surfcasting Federation
       8.1.22 Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers
     8.2 Commercial Fishing Organisations
       8.2.1 Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
       8.2.2 Chief Fisheries Offices
 +   8.3 Sea Angling Clubs

   9. U.K. Sea Angling Publications, Software and Internet
     9.1 Magazines & Papers
           Angler's Mail
           Angling Times
           Boat Angler
           Improve Your Sea Angling
           Improve Your Sea Fishing
           Sea Angler
 +         Sea Angling News
           Total Sea Fishing
     9.2 Books
       9.2.1 Recommended Books
       9.2.2 Angling Book Dealers
     9.3 Videos
       9.3.1 Hyperactive Films
       9.3.2 Beekay Publishers
       9.3.3 Channel 4 Video
       9.3.4 EMAP (Sea Angler Magazine)
       9.3.5 Veals
     9.4 Television Programmes
       9.4.1 Teletext
       9.4.2 Satellite Channels
     9.5 Software
       9.5.1 Where can I find fishing software?
       9.5.2 Is there any software that can calculate tide tables?
     9.6 Internet
       9.6.1 Are there any fishing newsgroups?
       9.6.2 Charter for* newsgroups
       9.6.3 Are there any UK fishing mail-lists?

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