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This page...
UK Sea Fishing FAQ page giving advice and information on how to claim the British Record for a fish caught by fair Sea Angling methods.

How to Claim a British Record

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


  How to Claim a British Record


  4.3 How do I claim a Record Fish?

    4.3.1 How To Claim a British Record
      All claims for a British record are judged by the British Record
      (rod-caught) Fish Committee, (BRFC), an independant committee whose
      membership consists of representatives of the three disciplines of
      angling - game, coarse ans sea - along with a scientific adviser,
      which adjudicates claims for British fish caught by fair angling

      Claims for a potential British record should be made to the relevand
      discipline -

      For SEA fish claims should be made to the NFSA. (Address is in the
      organisations section.) There is a 24 hour answerphone facility.

      The following procedures have to be complied with -

      CAPTURE -  The catch must have been by fair angling with rod and line,
                 A reliable witness must be prepared to support the claim
                 (if there is no witness to capture, the claimant must
                 formally verify his statement by affidavit).

      WEIGHING - The fish must be weighed accurately on appropriate scales
                 which need to have a current Weights & Measures
                 Certificate. There must be two independent witnesses.

      IDENTIFICATION - Claims are scrutinised for identification of the
                 species. Clear photographs (with some kind of scale) are
                 required, for some species the body may have to be

      CLAIMS -   All details of the claim must be registered on the BRFC
                 Claim Form, available from the NFSA. These are then
                 presented to the BRFC by the NFSA for consideration for a

      Only the BRFC can award the record and far from being a
      rubber-stamping operation, each claim is critically examined and if it
      falls short on verification, or any other procedure, it can be

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U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ - Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol - Compiled by : Colin Albert
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