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UK Sea Fishing FAQ Sea Angling Organisations.

UK Sea Angling Organisations

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


UK Sea Fishing Organisations


8. Organisations

  8.1 Sea Angling Organisations

    8.1.1 Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society
        John Morgan
        30 Thomas Street
        Port Talbot
        West Glamorgan
        SA12 6LT
                                  e-mail: Andy Davies   

        Founded in 1973 to promote a sporting approach to angling for the
        bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, and to compaign for conservation
        measures to counteract the effect of over-fishing.

        B.A.S.S. organises bass angling weekends, or week-long trips to such
        venues as the Channel Islands and Ireland, a few times a year.

        B.A.S.S. magazine is published quarterly and supplied without charge
        to paid-up members of B.A.S.S. - subscription œ13 per annum,
        renewable January 1st. Magazine distribution target dates: mid
        February, May, August and November.

    8.1.2 British Conger Club
        Tom Matchett
        British Conger Club Secretary
        112 Bearsdown Road
        Plymouth                  Tel 01752 769262

        Formed in 1962, club affiliation and personal membership is
        available. Members yearbook, British conger championship,
        inter-port and affiliated club competitions organised.

    8.1.3 Central Fisheries Board (Ireland)
        Balnagowan House
        Mobhi Boreen
        Dublin 9                  Tel 01 379206

        The Central Fisheries Board was established under the Fisheries
        Act, 1980, and has statutory responsibility for the management,
        conservation, protection, development and promotion of inland
        fisheries and sea angling resources throughout the Republic of

        Also home to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee, who are responsible
        for the record list and an excellent specimen awards system. Pin
        badges and certificates are awarded for specimen fish, with a
        special award for catching 10 specimens. The specimen fish recorded
        each year are listed in an annual booklet.

    8.1.4 European Federation of Sea Anglers
        A Hudson
        24 Willow Green
        West End
        GU24 8HR                  Tel 01486 473298

    8.1.5 International Game Fish Association (IGFA)
        130 1E Atlantic Boulevard
        Pompano Beach
        330 60

    8.1.6 Irish Federation of Sea Anglers
        H. O'Rourke
        67 Windsor Drive
        Co. Dublin
        Eire                      Tel  0103531 2806901

    8.1.7 Irish Federation of Sea Anglers - Ulster Provincial Council
        Paul Divito, Hon. Secretary
        17 Coolshinney Close
        Co. Derry
        BT45 5DR
        Northern Ireland          Tel/Fax  01648 33198

    8.1.8 Irish Match Angling & Surf Angling Association
        Ken Forsyth
        22 Rathsallagh Park
        Co. Dublin                Tel Dublin 2823634

    8.1.9 Irish Sea Angling Accommodation and Charters
        Hon. Secretary
        Cheryl Byrne
        Loughcarrig House
        Co. Cork                  Tel Cork 631952

        This is an organisation of licenced charter boat operators and
        approved specialist sea angling accommodation providers. Anglers
        intending to visit Ireland can make bookings through, or get
        information from the Hon. Secretary.

    8.1.10 National Association of Boat Angling Clubs
        Les Plant
        The Bungalow
        231a Manchester Road West
        Little Hulton
        M38 9XD                   Tel 0161 790 8162
                                  e-mail: Paul Mitchell   

        Benefits for members include low insurance rates, boat handling
        training, third party liability insurance for clubs, trail away
        weekends and representation at national levels.

    8.1.11 National Federation of Charter Skippers
        Nick Light
        88 Pepperharow Road
        GU7 2NP                  Tel 01483 417782

    8.1.12 National Federation of Sea Anglers
        51A Queen Street
        Newton Abott
        TQ12 2QJ                  Tel/Fax 01626 331330

        Founded in 1904, over 570 affiliated clubs and more than 1600
        individual members. The NFSA is administered by a National
        Executive, with regional divisions and is backed up by a full-time
        Development Officer. He is David Rowe,who has worked in angling
        administration for many years.

        The NFSA is one of the founder members of the National Anglers
        Council and combines with the national bodies in Ireland, Scotland
        and Wales under the Sea Angling Liason Committee of Great Britain
        and Ireland (SALC).

        The NFSA is now represented on most Sea Fisheries Committees
        ensuring recognition for sea anglers on what were purely commercial
        regulatory bodies. The NFSA organises the English boat and shore
        teams, there are also club and P.M. festivals with numerous trophies
        to be won.  A specimen award scheme is run for affiliated clubs and
        personal members.  Personal membership is œ8.00 per anum, and also
        provides third party insurance cover of œ2,000,000 whilst engaged in
        any angling activity.

    8.1.13 National Mullet Club
        John Orford
        Membership Secretary
        48 Dewsland Park Road
        NP9 4EH                   Tel 01633 254693

        Membership £10.00   £5.00 juniors/OAPs   £15.00 family.
        Four magazines a year are sent to members as well as 4-6 fish-ins.

    8.1.14 Northern Federation of Sea Angling Societies
        Mr Edwards
        13 Ash Crescent,
        Co. Durham                Tel 0191 586 9488

    8.1.15 North West Association of Sea Angling Clubs
        J. Atkin
        15 Hargrave Ave
        Merseyside                Tel 0151 652 9840

    8.1.16 Scottish Federation of Sea Anglers
        Administration Officer
        Caledonia House
        South Gyle
        EH12 9DG                  Tel 0131 317 7192

    8.1.17 Sea Angler's Match Federation
        Mr. N Haward
        24 Field Stile Rd
        Suffolk                   Tel 01502 723547

    8.1.18 Shark Angling Club of Great Britain
        Karen Sayer
        The Quay
        East Looe
        PL13 1DX

    8.1.19 South West Federation of Sea Anglers
        Hon Secretary  Mr. S. Rowe
        46 The Roundway
        TQ12 5BW                  Tel 01803 872696

    8.1.20 Sportfishing Club of the British Isles
        Hon Treasurer  Mr. Dennis Froud
        Sutton Road
        ME17 3LZ                  Tel 01622 861734

        Membership  £25.00   Annual magazine and many trophies.
        Joining Fee £24.00   includes T-shirt, badge and magazine.

        Formed in 1979 to share experiences and promote sport fishing at
        home and abroad. The SCBI has 150 members, and meets several times a
        year in London. The club provides teams to fish in major
        international big-game tournaments.

    8.1.21 United Kingdom Surfcasting Federation
        c/o Anne Howlett
        19 Pightle Way
        NR9 5RL                   Tel 01646 600313

    8.1.22 Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers
        Julie O'Sullivan
        Post Office
        Church Road
        Milford Haven
        SA73 1EB                  Tel 01646 600313

        Club affiliation and personal membership available. Specimen awards.

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