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UK Sea Fishing FAQ UK Sea Angling Books. Authors, Publishers and Books available about Sea Fishing in the UK.

UK Sea Angling Books

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


UK Sea Fishing Books


  9.2 Books
    Below is a list of books which I have found informative and enjoyable.
    Some of these books may be out of print, and a bit old, I make no
    apologies for this, because they are worth tracking down and reading.

    9.2.1 Recommended Books

      Brennan, Des - The Sea Angler Afloat and Ashore. 1965
        Though the tackle and techniques may be a bit out of date, this is a
        useful reference on how to catch most of the fish found in our seas.

      Cox, Bob - Uptide and Boatcasting. 1985
        Written by the anglers who first developed the technique.

      Darling, John - Shore Fishing. 1982
        An excellent guide that covers almost all species likely to be found
        by shore anglers with advice on bait, tackle and tactics. Although
        out of print, it seems to be widely available secondhand for about a

      Darling, John - Bass Fishing On Shore And Sea. 1996
        A comprehensive guide to bass fishing. The result of 30 years

      Gammon, Clive - Angling Guide to Wales.
        A thorough guide to all fishing in Wales, complete with maps.

      Harris, Brian - The Guinness Guide to Saltwater Angling. 1977
        One of the best, if not the best books on U.K. sea fishing.
        A must for every angler!

      Holden, John - Long Distance Casting. 1982
        A guide to selecting, modifying and using tackle for distance

      Thrussell, Mike - First Run Shark. 1990
        The complete guide to porbeagle shark fishing.

      Thrussell, Mike - Fishing for Bass Strategy & Confidence.  1989
        Bass fishing techniques from shore and boat.

    9.2.2 Angling Book Dealers
      Here is a list of secondhand bookshops who specialise in angling books.

      COCH-Y-BONDDU BOOKS        Paul Morgan
                                 Coch-y-Bonddu Books
                                 Pentrehedyn Street
                                 Powys                 Tel (01654) 702837


          Recently moved into new larger premises in Machynlleth open Monday
          to Friday. An extensive stock of British and foreign fishing, big
          game hunting and falconry books  are listed in the catalogue.

          Mail order (including overseas) and callers welcome.

      K. & M. A. PRECIOUS        Popes Farm
                                 Maidenhead Road
                                 RG12 5QL              Tel (01734) 343681

          Catalogue lists books on shooting, fishing, hunting, the
          countryside related subjects and prints. Mail order (including

      WIGLEY BOOKS               Geoffrey Whatmore
                                 Morewood House
                                 Defford Road
                                 WR10 1JE              Tel (01386) 554125

          Old and new angling books are listed in the catalogue. Visitors by
          appointment, mail order (including overseas).

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U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ - Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol - Compiled by : Colin Albert
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