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UK Sea Fishing FAQ. UK Sea Angling Resources available on the Internet. Includes UK Sea Fishing Newsgroups and Forums.

UK Sea Angling Internet

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


UK Sea Fishing Internet Resources


  9.6 Internet    
    9.6.1 Are there any fishing newsgroups?
      Here are the fishing newsgroups available that I know of. If you come
      across any others please let me know.                    - General fishing newsgroup           - Mainly freshwater, some sea and game      - American freshwater NOT sea bass.       - Game fishing newsgroup - Discussions on fly tying - All aspects of sea fishing          - UK coarse fishing            - UK game fishing             - UK sea fishing

    9.6.2 Charter for* newsgroups
      Charter for unmoderated groups

      The groups, and are for the discussion of all aspects of UK
      angling. is for the discussion of coarse angling. Coarse
                            fish are non-game freshwater fish (i.e. other
                            than Salmon, Trout and Sea-trout).   is for the discussion of game angling.
                            Game fish are Salmon, Trout and Sea-trout.    is for the discussion of sea angling.
                            This covers sport fishing for all saltwater
                            species within British waters.

      Items should be posted to the relevant group only.

          Personal advertisments for tackle etc. are welcome, but should be
          brief. Short (less than 20 line) announcements of events relevant
          to fishing are permitted; blatant off-topic or commercial
          advertising is not.

          Binaries are not permitted on these groups, however references to
          FTPable material and Web URL's are welcomed.

      Proposer: Colin Albert 

    9.6.3 Are there any UK fishing mail-lists?

      UK Angling Mail Lists
      The Mail lists run by Steve Hill have now been taken over by the
      Internet Angling Club (IAC).

      The Internet Angling Club (IAC) Fishing Mail Lists
      The following lists are currently available

      IACfishing-Sea       A High traffic list. Used for discussion of all
                           aspects of sea fishing. You will find regular
                           catch reports as well as lots of advice on
                           venues, tackle, baits and techniques

      IACfishing-General   A low traffic list. Used for general
                           announcements, & list infomation.

      IACfishing-Game      A medium traffic list. Used for discussion of
                           all aspects of game fishing, advice on venues,
                           tackle, and techniques.

      IACfishing-Coarse    A High traffic list, used for discussion of all
                           aspects of freshwater fishing, You will find
                           lots of advice on venues, tackle, baits and
                           techniques as well as friendly banter.

      IACfishing-Carp      A medium traffic list. Used for discussion of
                           all aspects of carp fishing, Lots of advice
                           about baits, tackle rigs and venues

      IACfishing-ClubTalk  A low traffic list. The ongoing IAC general
                           meeting, used for IAC club organisation issues
                           and planning future events. Everyone is welcome
                           to participate.

      To join the lists Email to   :       
      Stating in the message body  :       Join IACFishing-xxxx

      Where IACFishing-xxxx is one of the above lists. You will need to
      send a separate e-mail for each list you wish to subscribe to.

      If at any time you wish to leave this list send a Email to the same
      address with the following in the message body

                                           Leave IACFishing-xxxx

      The www homepage for the lists is 

      Irish Angling Mail Lists
      There is now an Irish Angling Mail list run by Paul Clarke.
      To subscribe   send a message to 
      with only the following line in the body

          susbscribe angling

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U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ - Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol - Compiled by : Colin Albert
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