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UK Sea Fishing FAQ. UK Sea Angling Software.

UK Sea Angling Software

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


UK Sea Fishing Software


  9.5 Software
    9.5.1 Where can I find fishing software?

      - This site seems to be no longer available.

      Cyber Angler has a range of software that can be downloaded from
      their www site.

      I am still searching for a good ftp site.

    9.5.2 Is there any software that can calculate tide tables?

      The Hydrographic Office produce two dos programs for predicting tides
      on a PC - NP159A & NP158.

      NP159A - Admiralty method of Tidal Prediction. œ20.75
      This will predict tides for 24 hours based on harmonic constants, a
      graph of height/time, and hourly heights are displayed. You can also
      enter any time and the height is shown. High and low tide times are
      not calculated, but can be seen on the graph.  It takes about 30 sec
      to run on a 386/25, 3 sec on a DX2/66. The program will use a
      co-processor if you have one. The software comes with 20 ports
      worldwide already entered. These ports can be overwritten with other
      data. The data is in book NP160 at œ5.00. You can enter data for up to
      20 ports at a time. - I use this software.

      NP158 - TideCalc œ60.00  UK data œ31.96  (Europe also available)
      This is are more powerful version of the above program. You can choose
      to calculate for 1,2 or 3 days. High and low water times are
      calculated. Data for all UK ports and harbours in book NP160 are

      Basically, you pay your money and take your choice. For angling use I
      find the first program more than adequate. I have tried the Tidecalc
      program at the boatshow, and whilst it is a lot better, œ100 is a lot
      to pay for a tide-table. The results are not as exact as the actual
      tide tables for any area, but are within 5-10 minutes of the correct
      time. I find it very useful for predicting tides far ahead, say if
      planning a trip to Ireland next summer. You can check if the high
      water is in the morning or afternoon and whether it is springs or

      AUTOTIDE - Windows, œ59 one database, œ79 all 4.  Shareware Demo
      Databases are currently available for 4 areas - British Isles,
      Australia, North America East Coast, North America West Coast. The
      program can calculate tide tables or graphs, high and low water times
      from 1 to 100 days between 1700 to 1999. Autotide will also calculate
      depth under keel, times of clear passage, and anchor warp required.
      The shareware demo can be run 35 times and has data for limited ports
      in each of the four areas.

      The demo is available by FTP from

      TIDE PLOTTER - Windows 95/NT £9.95 (one year)  Free Demo (restricted)
      Tide Plotter is an excellent tidal prediction program at a bargain
      price. Currently it will only calculate tides for a single year
      (1998) although 3 and 5 year licences are being planned. The program
      can print a tide graph for a single day, with high water and low
      water times and will show depth available on beneath a boat's keel.
      Also a tide table for a complete month can be calculated (and
      printed) giving both hw and lw times. Data for over 490 UK, Irish and
      Continental ports is included.

      You can download a restricted demo of Tide Plotter (4Mb) from 
      (Calculates Jan/Feb 1998 only.)

      POLTIPS Windows & DOS £100 (3 years) £150 (5 years)
      The Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Tidal Information and
      Prediction System, is a program for IBM PC and compatible computers
      which makes tidal level predictions for over 700 locations around the
      coast of the British Isles. Bidston has provided a national and
      international tidal prediction service since 1924 and has throughout
      that time refined the analytical methods used and invested in 'state
      of the art' computing facilities. As the laboratory responsible for
      the installation, maintenance and running of the UK's National Tide
      Gauge Network we have access to high quality data which we analyse
      and then use to produce a diverse range of tidal prediction products.
      This program will give both graphical plots covering many days and
      print monthly tide tables.

Jun 9 1998, 12:00 am


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U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ - Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol - Compiled by : Colin Albert
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