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UK Sea Fishing FAQ. UK Sea Angling Videos available in the UK.

UK Sea Angling Videos

U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ   -   Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol


UK Sea Fishing Videos


  9.3 Videos
    U.K. televisions use the PAL system, you may require special equipment
    to view these videos if you are from America (NTSC system) or France
    (SECAM). Check with your local television shop before ordering videos
    from abroad.

    9.3.1 Hyperactive Films
      The following videos are available from Hyperactive Films
      13-15 High Street, Lydney, Glos, GL15 5DP. Tel 01594 844933
      Price œ13.99 inc P&P in U.K.

      BASS - Boat Bassing          - with Liam Dale
      CONGER                       - with Mike Millman
      CONGER; FROM THE SHORE       - with Liam Dale & Roger Herity
      CONGER; FROM THE REEF        - with Liam Dale & Roger Herity
      SHARKING (BLUES)             - with Liam Dale
      INSHORE BOAT FISHING         - with Dave Lewis
      UPTIDE FISHING               - with Phil Hide
      SEA MATCH FISHING            - with Tony Kirrage
      SEA MATCH FISHING 2          - with Tony Kirrage
      SIMPLE SURF CASTING          - with Phil Hyde
      SIMPLE SURF CASTING 2        - with Phil Hyde
      PLAICE FISHING               - with Liam Dale
      COD! (SHORE)                 - with Tony Kirrage
      UPTIDE FISHING FOR COD       - with Liam Dale
      WRECKING AND REEFING         - with Liam Dale
      EXPEDITION BELUGA            - with Liam Dale
      SHORE CASTING TECHNIQUES     - with Alan Yates
      ROCK FISHING                 - with Alan Yates
      WRECK FISHING                - with Mike Millman
      SUNK BEFORE YOU START        - Boat equipment with Liam Dale

    9.3.2 Beekay Publishers  01462 816960
      Beekay now have their own web page with details of their
      angling books and videos

    9.3.3 Channel 4 Video  0171 396 4444
      SCREAMING REELS - Nick Fisher  UKP 10.99

      A compilation video from the television series covering coarse, game
      and sea fishing.

    9.3.4 EMAP (Sea Angler Magazine)
      SEA ANGLER, THE VIDEO - Presented by John Wilson œ3.99

      Includes casting demos with Neil Mackellow and boat fishing with Mel
      Russ. Only available by mail order from Sea Angler magazine.
      Address in 9.1.6.

    9.3.5 Veals
      Most of the above videos are available from Veals, 306 Central Park,
      Hengrove, Bristol, BS14 9BZ. Tel 01275 892000.

      Veals also list the following videos.

      HOOKED ON BASS             -  œ 17.50  90 mins
      FISHING WITH JIM DOBIE     -  œ 14.90
      PLAICE AND FLOUNDER        -  œ 11.90
      WRASSE, POLLACK AND BASS   -  œ 11.90
      GUIDE TO SEA ANGLING       -  œ 11.90

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U.K. Sea Fishing FAQ - Pysgota Mor y Deyrnas Gyfunol - Compiled by : Colin Albert
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